Tri-County Real Estate Report

Each week the the Tri-County Real Estate Report includes recently recorded Grant Deeds (sales); Trustee Sales (foreclosures); and Trustee Deeds (REOs). Subscribe to our email service and receive the Report in your inbox every week for only $36.00 per month. Click on the Subscribe button below, or call us at (831) 454-9820.

Foreclosure information includes:

  • -Date of sale
  • -Address and ownership of distressed property
  • -Assessors Parcel Number
  • -Amount of default
  • -Trustee company phone number and website (used in conjunction with Trustee Sale # to determine opening bid amount and postponement dates)
  • -Trustee Sale #
  • -Deed of Trust document number
  • -Property characteristics – Santa Cruz County ONLY

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